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Best Upcoming Books: July 2021

by Janise
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July is here and the sun is out. My inbox is full of invitations to go to the lake house, but I give each of the same reply: sorry, I’m busy reading!

This month should keep me plenty busy with books as there are a ton that I am really looking forward to checking out. A new cozy mystery series from Diane Kelly about a woman who makes moonshine sounds right up my alley. I’ll also be checking out the latest from Karin Slaughter, False Witness. She hasn’t missed with me yet and this looks like another hit!

I don’t normally associate July with horror, but there are some great horror books this month as well. I’m especially looking forward to The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix. It’s giving me Scream vibes and that is something I am very interested in. I’m also looking to check out The Empire’s Ruin by Brian Staveley, the first in a new fantasy series, and While We Were Dating, the latest romance novel from Jasmine Guillory.

There’s a lot to get to so let’s get right into my list of the best upcoming books for July 2021.

Best Upcoming Cozy Mystery Books: July 2021

A Hex for Danger by Esme Adddison: The second book in the Enchanted Bay Mystery series see the annual Mermaid Festival coming to town. The festival brings renowned artist Neve Ryland to town to decorate a mermaid-themed mural. Alex gets to know the artist, much to the chagrin of her friend Celeste who is not a fan. When Neve turns up dead, Celeste is a suspect and Alex sets out to clear her name.

Two Wicked Desserts by Lynn Cahoon: This will be the second book in Lynn Cahoon’s Kitchen With Mysteries series. The book sees a powerful warlock passing on and his daughter Cindy who is looking to use his spells to make herself a star. However, playing with magic only leads her to Idaho where she has become the number one suspect in the murder of a hitman. She’ll look to Mia Malone for help in clearing her name.

Claws for Alarm by Cate Conte: The fifth entry in Cate Conte’s mystery series filled with felines and crime. The perfect series for cat lovers and mystery lovers. Maddie James is a cat-whisperer who uses her skills to solve crimes.

Murder in a Teacup by Vicki Delany: I was a big fan of the first book in the Tea by the Sea Mysteries series and the second book, Murder in a Teacup, looks really good as well. The story follows a tea room owner and part-time sleuth as she unwittingly serves up a deadly cup of tea to a guest at her grandmother’s B&B then sets out to clear her name.

The Moonshine Shack Murder by Diane Kelly: This new series focusing on modern-day moonshiner Hattie Hayes looks like a lot of fun. The Hayes family has been making moonshine since the Prohibition and Hattie is the latest in line to continue the tradition. Everything is going swimmingly until a body shows up on her doorstep with a broken jar of moonshine beside it. To ensure that she doesn’t end up in a jail cell like her great-grandfather, Hattie must investigate the case herself.

Best Upcoming Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books: July 2021

The Empire's Ruin by Brian Staveley: This will be the first book in the epic fantasy series, Ashes of the Unhewn Throne. The story sees the Annurian Empire starting to disintegrate as many of the advantages they have used over the years have fallen to ruin. To save the empire, one of the surviving Ketral will voyage beyond the known world to find the nesting ground of the giant war hawks. Time is running out with the Annurian Empire on the brink.

Notes from the Burning Age by Claire North: North’s new novel takes place after the Burning Age, a time when people cared so little for the world that it burned. That was centuries ago and now Ven, a holy man, studies the texts from the past. He ends up caught in the political scheming of the Brotherhood and finds himself in the middle of a war to burn it down again.

We Have Always Been Here by Lena Nguyen: The debut author from Lena Nguyen sees psychologist Dr. Grace Park placed on a survey ship headed to an icy planet in an unexplored galaxy. Her purpose is to observe the other passengers on the ship, but she ends up becoming closer to the ship’s androids. The ship reaches its destination and they find themselves trapped on board with no means of escape. This is when things start to fall apart with passengers falling prey to waking nightmares of helpless, tongueless insanity and the androids acting strangely. Paranoia closes in on them all and Park is forced to confront the fact that nothing on this ship is what it seems.

Flash Fire by T.J. Klune: The Extraordinaries series continues with Flash Fire. The series sees Nick Bell, a popular fan fiction writer in the Extraordinaries fandom, who decides to make himself extraordinary after a chance encounter with Nova City’s mightiest hero (and his crush), Shadow Star.

A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers: This will be the first book in the Monk & Robot series. The story takes place in a world where, centuries ago, robots put down their tools and headed off into the wilderness. Now, a robot has returned with a simple question that must be answered: What do people need? The robot cannot go back until the question is answered, but the answer depend on who you ask.

Best Upcoming Horror Books: July 2021

The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix: In a horror movie, the final girl is the one left standing at the end of the movie. What those movies don’t show is what happens to these victims of violence after the movie ends. That’s what The Final Girl Support Group aims to show us in the latest from Grady Hendrix.

The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig: Nathan has never shared with his family the abusive relationship he had with his father or what happened at the house in the country. While Maddie was a little girl in the same town and saw something she should’ve have. Now, the two are married and have returned to their hometown with their son, Oliver. Whatever it was that happened back then is happening again, this time to their son Oliver, and it will put the family in a battle of good versus evil.

Come With Me by Ronald Malfi: Aaron Decker is devastated after the death of his wife. He’s haunted by her loss. As he searches through her belongings he finds a receipt for a hotel in another part of the country and decides to investigate. His serach will lead him to discover the dark secrets Allison kept and that the woman he knew as his wife was not all that she seemed. He becomes consumed with finding out more about her, an obsession that puts him in great danger.

The Follower by Nicholas Bowling: Nicholas Bowling’s new novel is Twin Peaks meets Welcome to Night Vale. The story sees Vivian Owen’s brother going missing in North Carolina and her quest to find him. She’ll end up in the town of Mount Hookey, home to a mountain-worshipping cult that promises spiritual fulfillment to those who follow. Vivian’s search will have her looking for more than her brother, she’ll be looking for the secret of happiness itself.

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass: Jake is sixteen-years-old and living a double life, and both of them are a nightmare. In one life, he’s one of the few Black students at St. Clair Prep where he is constantly dealing with racist teachers. In his other, he is a medium who communes with the dead and helps them move on to the next place. His school life starts looking up when Allister, another black student arrives, just as his medium life is getting worse when Sawyer, a murderer in life, visits him.

Best Upcoming Mystery/Thriller Books: July 2021

False Witness by Karin Slaughter: I really enjoyed Karin Slaughter’s The Silent Wife and False Witness looks like another hit. The story sees a lawyer named Leigh Collier who has worked to overcome a dark childhood and has climbed her way up the ladder to a prestigious law firm in Atlanta. When her work assigns her to defend a wealthy man accused of multiple counts of rape she has reservations, but when she sees who he is she knows that she must do it to protect the truth.

The Cellist by Daniel Silva: The legendary spy Gabriel Allon returns in the 21st novel in the series by Daniel Silva. The latest book in the series explores one of the top threats facing the west in today’s world – the corrupting influence of money from Russia on our world.

The Stranger in the Mirror by Liv Constantine: Addison is about to get married, but she doesn’t really know who she is. A few years ago she was found on the side of the highway bleeding with no memory of what happened or who she was before that. Hundreds of miles away, Julian is trying to figure out what happened to his wife who disappeared two years ago. He doesn’t think she would have left him and their daughter, but he can’t be sure. When these two lives intersect, Liv Constantine is at her best with tense thrills and big twists.

Falling by T.J. Newman: Of all the thrillers I’ve seen this year, this one looks to be the most thrilling. The story takes place on a flight to New York with one hundred and forty-three passengers aboard. What none of the passengers know is that the pilot’s family has been kidnapped and for them to live, he must crash the plane.

Such a Quiet Place by Megan Miranda: Hollow’s Edge used to be an idyllic neighborhood until the Truett family murders rocked the community and crashed the value of the homes. The testimonies all pointed to Ruby Fletcher as the guilty party, but now she has returned home and the community isn’t happy. Harper Nash takes her in because she has nowhere else to go, but she is soon receiving threatening notes from the neighbors. She sets out to uncover the truth about who really killed the Truett family.

Best Upcoming Romance Books: July 2021

Nine Lives by Danielle Steel: The great Danielle Steel returns with a new novel called Nine Lives. The story follows a woman who lost her father at a young age. He was a daredevil pilot which lead to her mom warning her to beware of men who love danger. However, as her life goes on she ultimately finds that the men who love danger are often the most exciting.

Claimed by J.R. Ward: Claimed will be the first book in The Lair of the Wolven series by J.R. Ward. The series is set in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and sees a scientist caught in a deadly trap after fighting to save the timber wolves.

It's Better This Way by Debbie Macomber: Bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s It’s Better This Way sees a woman struggling to pick up the pieces after her marriage ends. Julia did everything she could to save her marriage after her husband cheated, but it didn’t work and she’s now trying to start a new life. She meets Heath, a fellow divorc√©, who she is drawn to, but combining families is easier said than done.

While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory: Ben Stephens is all about work and he doesn’t have much time for relationships. He’s casually dated, but his job is his number one focus. His latest job is a big advertising campaign that sees him working with a movie star named Anna Gardiner. She is beautiful, of course, but she’s also down to earth and considerate. The two can’t help but to flirt with each other. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas: This will be the seventh book in The Ravenels book series by Lisa Kleypas. The latest addition sees a widowed woman and a Scot with a mysterious past drawn together. When that past is revealed, he’ll be in great danger with only his Lady to turn to.

So many books, so little time! Are there any books that I’m missing out on this month? I don’t want to have FOMO! Let me know what you’re reading in the comments below.

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