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Best Upcoming Books: September 2022

by Janise
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Autumn winds begin to blow,
colored leaves fall fast and slow.
Whirling, twirling all around,
I don’t see any of that though because I’m inside.

Okay, the rhyme didn’t quite work out at the end there, but this is still my favorite time of the year for reading! September is always a good time to get comfortable with a good book and this September offers plenty of books that are worth reading!

Lost in Time by A.G. Riddle looks like a ton of fun. What if you got sentenced for a crime, but you went to the time of dinosaurs instead of jail? It sounds scary, but also kind of awesome. Can’t wait to see what the author does with that concept. Another good book this month is Gallows Hill by Darcy Coates. I love a good haunted house mystery, especially at this time of the year, and this looks to be exactly my type!

We also have a new James Patterson (with Brendan DuBois) called Blowback which follows a President that tries to take his power too far. I’m not a very political person, but it’s definitely an intriguing premise. The same can be said about Suspect by Scott Turow which sees a female police chief being falsely accused of acts she didn’t commit in an effort to strip her power.

There is a new series from Amanda Flower about Emily Dickinson solving crimes this month, hot new romance from Jasmine Guillory, new Stephen King, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the best upcoming books of September 2022.

Best Upcoming Cozy Mystery Books: September 2022

Murder and an Irish Curse by Melissa Bourbon: The latest book in the Book Magic Mystery series sees Pippin Lane Hawthorne looking to finally stop the curse that has plagued her family for two thousand years. However, just as she begins – a reporter who was asking turns up dead. Pippin discovers a personal connection between the two of them that drives her to find out the truth and save her family more than ever before.

Dewey Decimated by Allison Brook: Carrie Singleton has solved many murders in the previous books in the Haunted Library Mystery series and is now ready for a break. Unfortunately, that break isn’t coming as a dead body is found in the basement of the building attached to the library. The body belongs to Carrie’s fiance’s Uncle Alec who now makes himself at home in the library as a ghost. At the town council, there is a heated debate of the Seabook Preserve which leads to the death of a council member. Carrie wonders if the two could be connected and sets out to solve them both.

Murder in a Cape Cottage: After Christmas, the latest pick for Mac’s Cozy Capers Book Group is a coloring book mystery. She’s happy for it as she is pretty busy at the time with wedding planning to do as well as renovating a cottage. That renovation project turns into a mystery when she finds a skeleton behind a wall. Mac will look to solve the decades-old mystery with the help of her book group. This is the fourth book in the Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery series.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Amanda Flower: A new series from an Agatha Award winning author? Yes, please! This book follows Emily Dickinson and her housemaid, Willa Noble, as they set out to solve the mystery of Willa’s brother’s death. The authorities believe it was an accident, but Willa doesn’t. Emily agrees to help, but the two soon find themselves over their heads in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

A Truth to Lie for by Anne Perry: This is the fourth book in the Elena Standish series. It takes place in 1934 and MI6’s Elena Standish is sent on a dangerous mission to rescue a German scientist who is being forced to work on germ warfare by Hitler. The fight ends up rather personal as the head of Germany’s warfare division is an old enemy of her grandfather’s and he’s looking for revenge against her.

Best Upcoming Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books: September 2022

Lost in Time by A.G. Riddle: Dr. Sam Anderson finds that the woman he loves has been killed and, making matters worse, him and his daughter are accused of the crime. In order to protect his daughter, he pleads guilty and is sentenced. However, in this time criminals aren’t sent to prison. They are sent back in time. He ends up two hundred millions of years in the past in the age of dinosaurs. He accepts his fate, but his daughter will not. She’ll look to find out the truth about the murder in order to clear her father’s name.

Ledge by Stacey McEwan : The title of this book refers to a place. The Ledge is a civilization that there is no way to escape from. It’s a frozen wasteland and the people known hardly anything of the outside world. The only thing they know about is the Glacians, mystical winged creatures who help them to survive in exchange for some human sacrifices. Dawsyn has avoided the culling, but her time has come and now she will go with the Glacians. At the final hour, a half-Glacian named Ryon will help her to escape. She’s not sure if she can trust him, but together they will make their way out of The Ledge.

Tantalus Depths: The Tantalus 13 expedition mission goes off the rails when the planet they are meant to be investigating turns out to be not a planet at all. There is an ancient artificial structure below. SCARAB, an AI self-constructing factory, arrived here two years ago in order to aid the crew on their mission, but the AI ends up acting erratically and crew ends up dead. SCARAB may have gone rogue and it knows much more about the secrets of Tantalus 13 than it is letting on.

The Queen Summer's Twilight by Charles Vess: Jack Ravenscroft is rescued by a mysterious man on a motorbike, but she has no idea how her life is about to change. The man holds the keys to the mysteries of her life and the reasons why she has felt that she has never belonged in this world. Her search for answers will lead her to the realm of faerie where her life will end up in jeopardy.

Fairy Tale by Stephen King: The great author turns his eye to fantasy with his latest book. It follows Charlie Reade, a regular high school kid that met a dog named Radar and her master, Howard Bowditch, when she was just seventeen. Charlie starts doing jobs for the man and begins to love the dog, but then Bowditch passes away. He leaves behind a tape telling Charlie a story that no one could possibly believe: there is a portal to another world in the shed.

Best Upcoming Horror Books: September 2022

House of Hunger by Alexis Henderson: Marion Shaw grew up in the slums and longs to leave the miseries of the city. She gets her opportunity when she comes across a newspaper ad looking for a bloodmaid. Marion applies for the position despite knowing little about it and ends up working at the House of Hunger. She is swept into a world of debauchery, but she’ll need to learn the rules of the place fast if she wants to stay alive.

Gallows Hill by Darcy Coates: It’s been years since Margot Hull has seen her childhood home. She was young when she lived there and barely remembers the home’s secrets. She has made her return to bury her parents and reconnect with her family’s winery. The crumbling estate has a bloody truth buried beneath it that Margot will hope to face. Unless she wants to become the home’s next victim.

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke And Other Misfortunes by Eric LaRocca: I always love a good story collection and this one features three dark and disturbing ones. Two lonely young women in an internet chat room and their most horrific desires. A couple on a remote island trying to recover from their son’s death. A man confronting his neighbor about a strange object in his backyard. Three horror stories that seem right up my alley.

Luda by Grant Morrison: The legendary comic writer makes their full-length novel debut here. The story is about a drag queen named Luci who gets a new co-star in Luda. Luci is immediately infatuated by Luda who looks like Luci when she was much younger. Luci shares her secrets with her, including her role as a mistress of the Glamour, a mysterious discipline that draws on sex, drugs, and the occult for its transformative effects. As Luci trains Luda, other members of the cast and crew begin dying. She fears that Luda has mastered the Glamour for her own dark ambitions.

Leech by Hiron Ennes: The Interprovincial Medical Institute has taken root in young minds and shaped them into excellent doctors. So much so that they have replaced all of the human practitioner’s of medicine. They want to help humanity and protect the species from the horrors of their past. However, they now have a competitor for their rung on the evolutionary ladder. There is a parasite spreading that will make war with the battlefield being the body. It doesn’t matter who wins, humanity will lose.

Best Upcoming Mystery/Thriller Books: September 2022

Suspect by Scott Turow: Lucia Gomez is the police chief of Highland Isle, but she knows how thin of a line she walks as a woman in law enforcement. She has always kept things professional and her reputation is spotless. Until now as three male officers have accused her of trading sex for promotions. She turns to an old friend, Rik, to help her in the investigation as she swears these accusations are false. Rik brings in Pinky, a private investigator, to help with the case as they feel it could be their chance to break out in their profession. Powerful people are determined to keep things secret and it will take all Pinky has to find the truth.

Oath of Loyalty by Kyle Mills: The latest book in the Mitch Rapp series sees CIA director Irene Kennedy making a deal with Rapp and the President. Rapp must leave the country and if he does so, the President won’t make moves against him. The deal works out until a security adviser tells the President that he won’t honor the agreement. The government then reveals the true identity of his partner, sending all manner of assassins after her. Worse among them is a killer known only as Legion. They won’t stand down until the target is dead and Rapp is the only thing that can stop them.

Blowback by James Patterson & Brendan DuBois: US President Keegan Barrett, former CIA director, orders two agents to execute a plan that he has put together. However, the loyalties of the men are divided. The CIA is meant to do whatever he says, but they are also sworn to defend the Constitution and the country from all threats. What happens when the President is that threat?

The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman: Book number three in the Thursday Murder Club Mystery series looks like another winner. Things are settling down for the club and they decide to dig into a cold case from a decade ago. As they start to investigate, a killer comes to visit Elizabeth. Apparently, this case isn’t so cold after all. It’s red hot and they’ll need to solve the case if they want to save Elizabeth.

The Butcher and The Wren: A killer with a penchant for medical experimentation is killing in the Louisiana bayou and authorities are lost. Forensic pathologist Dr. Wren Muller is the best there is and she’s never encountered a crime she couldn’t solve. Until now at least. That fact has completely consumed her and she won’t stop until she stops this brutal murderer.

Best Upcoming Romance Books: September 2022

Dr. Off Limits by Louise Bay: A woman is prepared to swear off men when she agrees to a blind date. She only agrees because the date is with a doctor who is about to move to Africa and there is no pressure. They have one of the best nights of her life and she’s happy with the one night stand being the end of things. That is until she starts a new job on Monday and runs right into him. It turns out that her blind date passed the date off to his brother and his brother is her new boss.

The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas: Rosie Graham just quit her job to focus on her career as a romance writer. She is yet to tell her family and, worse, she now has writer’s block and her apartment falls apart. Rosie ends up going to her best friend Lina’s apartment to stay as she is out of town. However, Lina had already lent her apartment to her cousin Lucas. Now, the two of them will become temporary roommates and try to make things work. Then Lucas offers to help her with her writer’s block by taking her on a series of experimental dates.

The Holiday Trap by Roan Parrish: Greta Russakoff lives in her tiny Maine hometown, but struggles as a lesbian living in such a small area. She loves her family, but soon realizes she needs her space to figure things out. Truman Belvedere has his heartbroken when he finds that boyfriend is married with children. He wants to get out of Louisiana as fast possible. The two end up swapping homes for the holidays and experiencing whole new worlds. Of course, it’s only meant to be temporary. When the time is up, they’ll have difficult decisions to make about life, love, and home.

Going Too Far by Abbi Glines: Dean Finlay is tried of the fame that comes with being a rockstar and is ready for something else. While Bri is someone who had to grow up too fast and is now a responsible adult, working the admissions office at a junior college. Her life changes one day when Dean walks into her office. She hoped to get an autograph for her son, but his arrogance quickly turns her off. Yet another man who was a big disappointment in her life and then he isn’t.

Drunk on Love by Jasmine Guillory: Margot Noble runs the family winery with her brother in Napa and finds herself in desperate need of a break. That break comes in the form of Luke, a charming and sexy local. The two end up embarking on the perfect one night stand and then she plans to never see him again. Then he starts working at the winery.

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