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Best Books for Canadian Gamblers

by Janise
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Gambling has always been popular in Canada. There are casinos in every province in Canada, and you could go to any of those to play a variety of games, such as Roulette, Blackjack and Video Poker.

Sports betting has also been popular, with the ability to place bets on sports at the likes of Pro-Line in Ontario, and Sport Select in Alberta. Of course, both platforms had various limitations such as only being able to bet parlays.

Over the last few years, we have seen online gambling legalized across Canada in various provinces. This has resulted in regulated online casinos being able to accept Canadians legally, and an abundance of television advertising for online casinos and sportsbooks. The end result of this obviously, is more and more people looking to gamble in Canada every day. The quantity of regulated online casinos in Ontario for example, has increased by over 300% within a year since the launch of the regulated market.

In this article, I will be looking at those new gamblers in Canada and suggesting books that they read prior to hitting up their local casino.

I would also suggest Canadians to check out some online casinos in Canada first. You will be able to learn any game you wish at those online casinos, as they offer both practice tables and low deposit amounts if you wish to play for real money.

You may even prefer the online casino to playing at an actual land based casino. There are many reasons to choose online casinos over land based. The biggest one for me, is the game selection and what is on offer.

For example, your local casino may only have a set number of roulette tables. Online casinos have an infinite amount of tables, all set up to accept any amount of bet, no matter how low it is.

Then there are all the incentives online casinos offer. Land based casinos rarely have any competition close by. Online casinos have a lot of competition, so they offer deposit bonuses, reward programs and promotions such as free spins. So by playing online, you can actually play with the casinos money and can get rewarded for how much you play.

So regardless of whether you are going to go to an actual casino, or play online, here are three books that are well worth reading.

#1: Casino Gambling for Dummies

See at Amazon The “For Dummies” books are always excellent guides. If you are looking to purchase Casino Gambling for Dummies, be sure to get the 2nd edition. It goes into more detail about new casino games or variations that have popped up since the original book was published.

This book covers everything you can think of when it comes to casino gambling. It explains how casinos work, and then gives you a tour through an actual casino, explaining what to look out for and how to navigate your typical casino.

It then covers important topics such as the general odds and probabilities of casino games, as well as common myths. There is also an important chapter on managing your money. Then, Casino Gambling for Dummies breaks down each game for you and gives you a very comprehensive guide. Within minutes of reading, you’ll be rolling dice at the Craps tables with the best of them.

If there is just one book as a new gambler that you purchase, make it this one. Although I am a seasoned gambler both online and offline, I still like to refer back to this book from time to time, even just to refresh my memory on a game that I haven’t played in awhile.

#2: The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

See at Amazon This one can be a bit interchangeable depending on what game you started to frequent – but it’s important that you read a book that is considered a “bible” for the game you like to play the most.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games at a casino, and if you want to start playing that more than other games, you need to purchase this book. It was originally written in 1987, however has a new and revised edition which is what you should purchase.

This book goes into detail about the type of Blackjack games you will see, and the types of bets you will make. It also discusses common mistakes players make.

It then gets into the mental aspects of playing Blackjack, with a section called “How To Play Smart”. It talks about common techniques players use, which can apply both online and offline.

It then goes into detail about strategies that people use. There are the correct basic strategies that a beginner should play, and then more advanced strategies that not only can help your game, but can increase the fun that you have when playing.

Whatever game you are looking to focus on at a casino, be sure to read a book about it.

#3: Sharp Sports Betting

See at Amazon Many casinos have a sportsbook where you can place bets. Almost all online casinos will have a sportsbook where you can place bets as well.

If you are new to betting sports, books such as Sports Betting for Dummies are great to read, however I am going to go in a different direction by recommending Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong.

This is an incredible book which initially covers the basic bets, and then goes into a lot more detail about betting, explaining the logic and math behind betting.

It has a strong focus on NFL, with half the book dedicated to it. However, even if you aren’t interested in the NFL, it’s worth reading.

Why I recommend this book over others is it will be very eye-opening to you in regards to the work involved in lines and odds being set, and your chances of beating them. It will educate you on just how difficult sports betting actually is, and set some great fundamentals for you when it comes to betting.

This is an important book to read even if you are just looking to make casual bets, as it will teach you how to think correctly when it comes to what bets to make.

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